HONOLULU (KHON2) — An animal rescue group has asked for community support after a cat was found shot in Makaha.

They said that the medical bills for the cat are too much for the owner to pay. This has led “Rescue Kitties of Hawaii” to temporarily take ownership of Bobbi.

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James Jones found his cat Bobbi on Monday, April 10 curled up in his Makaha garage with gunshot wounds in both of her legs.

He took her to VCA, where medical bills stacked up to $12,000 for treatment. The only other possibility was not an option for Jones.

“To potentially put her down and the vet said that she had one more idea, that we could maybe get one of the cat rescues to help with her,” explained Jones.

Enter Maraya Dawn, Rescue Kitties of Hawaii president. She happened to be at VCA with another cat and noticed Jones in distress.

“We had to take a leap of faith. I mean, nobody has the funding in the bank to deal with something like this; but we have an incredible donation and supporters and donors and supporters and rescue community that when we come together, we’ve seen miracles happen,” Dawn said.

Bret Thompsett, another Rescue Kitties volunteer, said they can’t do this for every animal. Click here to visit Bobbi’s GoFundMe page.

Bobbi will remain at VCA for now to receive treatment, but the volunteers told KHON2 that they are doing everything they can to give Bobbi back to Jones.

“The love he has for this cat is, I mean, it made me cry. I, we don’t need to keep any cats with Rescue Kitties Hawaii,” Dawn said. “Let’s get her back up. Even if it’s on three legs. Tripods have amazing lives,” she said.

Honolulu police confirmed they have opened a first-degree animal cruelty investigation but said there are no suspects as of Thursday afternoon, April 13.

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The Humane Society said it is illegal to shoot cats in Hawaii — even if they are on a homeowners’ property. They added first degree animal cruelty is a Class C felony that is punishable by up to five years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.