HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Sacramento Sheriff’s office believed an 11-year-old girl named Lizzy, who’s befriending other keiki online, is actually a 24-year-old Sacramento man. Officials said there were over 80 child victims identified in the U.S. with three in Hawaii.

According to the sheriffs, the victims range from as young as 6 years of age to 13.

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Authorities said the victims in Hawaii include an 8-year-old, an 11-year-old from Waialua and an 11-year-old from Kihei.

“Investigators believe Davis spoke to his victims in sexually explicit language as well as sending them videos of child pornography,” said Sgt. Rod Grassman, a spokesperson for the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s office arrested Demetrius Carl Davis on April 26. Officials said, Sheriffs received tips about Davis as early as December. They served a search warrant, raided his home and uncovered screen recordings and hard drives full of evidence.

The Internet Crimes Against Children task force said Hawaii sees its share of similar cases.

“We’ve arrested upwards of 60 individuals trying to have relationships with minor children and they’re looking at some really hard jail time,” said Edward Arias, ICAC commander for Hawaii. “So my message to them is, if you think that we’re not out there, we are out there.”

A mother of three said online predators are a parent’s worst nightmare.

“To know that there’s people online when they’re doing something that they just enjoy just for entertainment, it’s a scary thought,” said Joey Lee.

The Hawaii ICAC unit’s help stretches beyond just one agency. It takes cooperation between internet service providers and social media platforms to keep Hawaii’s children safe.

“Every picture that you sent, every conversation that you have is being monitored and so you may think that no one knows what I’m doing. I get the cyber tip here and so I get around 200 to 300 cyber tips a month,” said Arias.

The task force urges parents to monitor their kid’s devices, but also open up honest conversations.

“Let them know that ‘it’s alright to tell me if you did something inappropriate, I will help you’ and honestly we’re here to help also,” Arias said.

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The Sacramento Sheriff’s office believes there could be more victims out there. They’re asking parents to check their child’s devices for any communication with an online friend named “Lizzy.” If so, contact the Sacramento Sheriff’s office at 916-874-3002 or ICAC@sacsheriff.com.