HONOLULU (KHON2) — The attorney for the man whose hand got cut off by a sword on Friday, July 22 said his client had just been released from jail. Meanwhile, his suspected attacker has been indicted by an Oahu grand jury.

Jason Walker was charged with attempted murder. Court documents said he’s an employee at 7-Eleven and was working when he got into an argument with the victim.

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According to authorities, Walker then grabbed a sword and attacked the victim outside the store. The victim remains in critical condition.

The victim in the gruesome sword attack is identified as Alexander DeJarnette by his attorney Myles Breiner.

Breiner said DeJarnette remains in critical condition in a chemically induced coma.

“He lost his left hand, possibly will lose his right hand, and possibly a lower limb maybe at risk. He also has severe injuries to his abdomen and to his chest.”

According to Breiner, DeJarnette lives close to where he was attacked.

“He and his wife lived in Waikiki so he had reason to be be in Waikiki,” he explained. “He’s a rather large man — he’s quite tall. He’s 6’4″, 6’5″, maybe 250 lbs.”

Breiner said he is not sure whether DeJarnette knew Jason Walker, the man accused of attacking him with a sword.

“We’ll wait to see what Alex (DeJarnette) has to say. Hopefully he’ll survive the surgery,” Breiner said. “The sad part is that Alex himself had recently bailed out of OCCC and was awaiting going to trail on his case.”

Court documents said DeJarnette was charged with two counts of assault — accused of attacking a man with a knife in March — and was released on bail on Friday, July.

Police said that assault happened near the intersection of Ena Road and Hobron Lane, which is less than a block away from the 7-Eleven where Dejarnette was attacked last week.

According to witnesses, DeJarnette and Walker were arguing inside the store before they walked outside.

Breiner said this was not a case of self defense cause DeJarnette wasn’t armed and Walker did not have to go outside.

“There’s a whole world of possibilities,” Breiner explained. “Call the police, retreat inside the store, but to slash and cut off his left hand and then chase him out into the street where tourists and other folks were in the street to visibly see this terrible event unfold it’s bizarre and unspeakable,” Breiner said.

Breiner also questioned why Walker had the sword in the first place.

“That’s even more concerning, he’s an employee at a shop which is a high tourist locale in the center of Waikiki. The need to have a sword, to bring that to work, that’s not a healthy indication.”

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KHON reached out to 7-Eleven for comment on their policies regarding employees bringing dangerous weapons to work. We’ll let you know when we get a response.