HONOLULU (KHON2) – Honolulu Police Department (HPD) report an increase in DUI arrests for the 2022 year compared to the 2021 year.

Since the start of 2022 there have been 2,548 DUI arrests compared with 2,467 during the same time frame last year. 

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Honolulu Police have done numerous DUI checkpoints throughout the island and have conducted maximum enforcement during three day weekends and holidays.

To date, there have been 55 fatal crashes resulting in 2022 compared with 47 fatal crashes in 2021. 

Operating a vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant is very dangerous for yourself and those around you. 

Definition of DUI:

  • While under the influence of alcohol in an amount sufficient to impair the person’s normal mental faculties or ability to care for the person and guard against casualty
  • While under the influence of any drug that impairs the person’s ability to operate the vehicle in a careful and prudent manner
  • With .08 or more grams of alcohol per two hundred ten liters of breath
  • With .08 or more grams of alcohol per one hundred milliliters or cubic centimeters of blood

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Penalties for getting a DUI can be arrest, getting a criminal record, loss of driver’s license, fees and fines, mandatory attendance of substance abuse programs and serious bodily injury and or loss of a human life.