LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KHON2) – The 2021 Grammy Awards show has been postponed due to a surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths in Los Angeles. However, a Maui-born Grammy nominated producer and director is keeping his hopes high for the upcoming award show.

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Jason Baum has taken his talents from the Valley Isle to an international audience, stamping his name on some of Hollywood’s biggest projects.

“All the projects that I work on, I put a lot of effort into and to have it recognized by such a large group of industry professionals that can appreciate and find merit in what you’re doing is always rewarding,” said Jason Baum, an award-winning producer and director.

The Maui High School graduate earned his first Grammy Award for Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” music video.

Baum most recently received his third Grammy nomination for producing the feature film “Beastie Boys Story.”

“It’s really a story about friendship and collaboration and growing up together. That is something that I always connected with. There’s a lot of friends that I grew up with in Hawaii, that we were creative and we were always making things together in some way.”

Baum also produced two videos from Beyonce’s Grammy-nominated visual album “Black is King.”

“Everything that we created took on a whole different meaning once it came out. So to have a part of it is just an honor. Beyonce is obviously one of the greatest living music video artists of all time.”

COVID-19 is setting up a challenging year for productions, but that hasn’t slowed down Baum’s creativity.

“I did a music video for Paul McCartney, where we set up these security cams that we controlled over Wi Fi in his studio in England. The director was in California and we made a whole music video that way, virtually.”

Baum says he will always remember his island roots no matter where his work takes him.

“Everyone asks me on the mainland, what it’s like. You just can’t describe to someone, because it’s just unlike what anyone else has probably ever experienced. So it’s something that I feel very grateful to have been brought up in Hawaii.”

The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards is slated for March 14.

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