Hawaii 2 Hollywood: ‘It’s morphin’ time’ Kaneohe-native fights off villains as Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Fury

Hawaii 2 Hollywood

HONOLULU (KHON2) – A Kaneohe boy is the newest Nickelodeon star making some noise in an iconic 90s superhero show.

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Kainalu Moya stars as the blue ranger in the latest installment of the franchise, Power Rangers Dino Fury.

“It’s six days a week, usually about 12 hours of filming or more,” said Kainalu Moya, who plays the blue ranger in Power Rangers Dino Fury.

The rangers are currently shooting two seasons in New Zealand. Before jumping on set and memorizing lines, Moya’s role took on some extra morphing time.

“We had about two and a half weeks of stunt intensive training. We just worked every day on how to block without getting hurt, how to tumble, flip, and do all those kind of things. Your body would just be so sore at the end of the day. Then you would wake up and do it again the next morning.”

The Castle High School graduate says this is all a dream turned reality and he wouldn’t be where he is today if he didn’t take a leap of faith.

“I just wanted to do it. I told my parents, they’re like ‘you should go to school first’ and I was like ‘you’re probably right.’ So I went to college for a couple years and I took my first acting class. I liked it and then I was just like, this is what I want, I’m going to go and pursue it.”

This power ranger knows all too well about fighting fears of the unknown and battling through obstacles.

“I went to Los Angeles and did audition after audition and wasn’t really getting much. I did a handful of little short films of little independent films. Also, I did one episode on Saved by the Bell, the reboot. This is the first big one, the first series regular, the first main character on a show.”

Moya says he’s ready to not only bring the action and talent to Hollywood, but also a local touch.

“The character that I portray has Hawaii ties like his name and his mom. So it’s really exciting and I can’t wait for the kids back home to see it. I’m happy to represent them and for them to have Hawaiian representation on a children’s superhero show.”

Season one of Power Rangers Dino Fury will premiere on Nickelodeon on February 20. Fans will also be able to catch Moya as he returns as the blue ranger in season two.

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