HONOLULU (KHON2) – From social media to MTV, Hawaii’s own Bretman Rock is the newest reality star to make some noise in Hollywood.

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“I think it’s just like very entertaining and extra, the show is very extra,” said Bretman Rock, a social media influencer and MTV reality star.

From the laughs to the drama, MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock is an exclusive look into the content creator’s life. The Ewa Beach native tells me MTV executives are already close to finalizing a season two.

“Somehow I was able to finesse MTV and the world into giving me a reality show. It’s honestly something that I’ve always wanted. I remember being a kid and pretending like that I was in Big Brother and skipping over my cartoon phase and going straight into reality TV.”

The MTV reality show doesn’t only highlight the extravagant life of Bretman, but it also features his rock and supporting cast on and off the screen.

“I really would not have what I have today without their support. So it just came naturally to me to bring my family into my workspace or into this thing that I work hard for.”

The 22-year-old hopes his fans take away the bigger message of the show.

“I know that there’s so many immigrants that could relate with this show. There’s so many single mothers that could relate to my mom. There’s so many gay Filipino kids that could relate and finally see themselves on TV. I think that’s really more than what I could have wished for the show to represent. I just want people to feel seen.”

Bretman Rock has already checked off many boxes, from fashion to makeup and now a reality show. But what’s next for the internet sensation?

“I’m really just sharpening up the knives. I am trying my best to really become a full blown entertainer and not just online. I’m trying to inch my way onto the big screen.”

MTV’s Following Bretman Rock premieres every Monday on YouTube.