HONOLULU (KHON2) — For over a century, the Hawaii Hochi has been providing the state’s Japanese community with local, national and international news.

The paper is printed entirely in Japanese.

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“Some Japanese residents in here cannot speak English, cannot read English, so they subscribe to our newspaper,” said Taro Yoshida, the President of the Hawaii Hochi.

The newspaper started in 1912 with the purpose to provide a voice for immigrant workers across the islands.

“Our founder decided to publish for — make the newspaper for the labor side,” Yoshida said.

Since its inception, the Hawaii Hochi has covered every major news event in the islands from the bombing of Pearl Harbor to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Publishing a daily newspaper is hard work.

Noriyoshi Kanaizumi is the editor of the Hawaii Hochi.

Kanaizumi said that finding stories and translating daily headlines into Japanese takes a long time. Because of that, he starts work before the crack of dawn.

The Hawaii Hochi is the only daily Japanese newspaper in the state, which makes printing the truth that more vital, according to Kanaizumi.

“The relationship with Japan and Hawaii and the United States is very, very important,” Kanaizumi said. “We are just a bridge of the two countries. That’s why I’m proud of [the Hawaii Hochi.]”

Despite the value it brings to the community, the newspaper has struggled in recent years starting with the rise of the internet.

Readership was already down and then the COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed the world.

“The newspaper side many clients, advertisers cancel and printing job side cancel,” Yoshida said. “60% of sales is down.”

For those who don’t read Japanese, but still want to support the Hawaii Hochi, there is another way. The Hochi prints the Hawaii Herald twice a month.

“Our purposes here at the Herald is to take those issei, nisei values of sacrifice, responsibility, cooperating with other people and making relevant to the generations of today,” said Jodie Ching, the editor of the Hawaii Herald.

The Herald is a great way to learn about Japanese-American culture.

The President of the Hawaii Hochi wants to say, “thank you,” to all of their subscribers that have kept them afloat through some recently difficult times.

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