Inside the Main Street Market Antique Mall in Swainsboro you can find it. something that just screams the taste of summer. 

This is the Swainsboro Museum of Coca-Cola advertisement. I started this 4 years ago, so I brought my own private collection in here,  to get Swainsboro Georgia on the map,” said Michael Bright the owner of the Swainsboro Museum of Coca-Cola Advertisement.  

Coca-Cola is not only an iconic American soft drink, companies advertisements are also Iconic. 
“I have a few one of a kind items in here we have one item in here which is a 1942, sided 16 foot coca-cola sign they say it’s the only one in existence,” said Michael. 

 It’s summer so you know it’s getting hot,  you can tell by looking at  one of the many Coke thermometer  in the museum  Mike’s  collection of Coke advertising spans the generations some of these antique trays go back to the early 19-hundreds.

“I got items that date back, as as as 1899,” said Michael. 

Just check out the guest book, this Coke museum is teaching the world to sing. 

 “We’ve had our guest  book signed last year from all 50 states and 16 countries,” said Michael/ 

 Hot summer day all this advertising how could you not have an ice cold Coca Cola, oh your kidding me, showing a fake class that looks like an ice cold coke. 

Well it wasn’t a real coke but this sure is a real Coca Cola advertising museum.

“Things go better with coke.”

 “Amen,” Michael said with a laugh. 

Out there somewhere in Swainsboro George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.