Live Blog: Hawaii vs. San Diego State


We’re set at Aloha Stadium for the biggest game of Hawaii’s season as the Rainbow Warriors take on San Diego State for the West division title in the Mountain West. Follow along as KHON2 will provide live updates of the game.

Hawaii 14, San Diego State 11, FINAL

9:05: Cordeiro takes one last knee. HAWAII WINS THE WEST. The ‘Bows advance to face Boise State on Dec. 7. But first, senior night against Army next week.

9:04: The field goal is…NO GOOD. HAWAII WILL WIN THIS GAME.

9:02: Eight seconds left. SDSU ball at the Hawaii 31. Aztecs are going for the tying field goal. The field goal is wide right, but Hawaii called a timeout.

9:01: SDSU now to the Hawaii 35 with 23 seconds left.

8:59: Fourth-and-2 coming at the Hawaii 38 with 49 seconds left. The Aztecs toss to the right and BARELY convert. The chains keep moving.

8:57: The ‘Bows decide to punt. Scruton’s punt is downed at the SDSU 19. The Aztecs have just one timeout and 1:23 to put a drive together. Can Hawaii make one last stop?

8:56: SDSU calls another timeout with UH facing fourth-and-2 at the San Diego State 49. Decision time. Do the ‘Bows punt or go for it?

8:54: San Diego State calls its first timeout of the game. Hawaii faces third-and-13 on its own 40 with 1:37 remaining.

8:46: ANOTHER crucial stop for the Hawaii defense as it forces San Diego State to punt again. The Rainbow Warriors get the ball back on their own 12 with 5:28 remaining. San Diego State has all three of its timeouts left, while Hawaii is down to just one.

8:40: Hawaii picks up a couple of first downs but is ultimately forced to punt from midfield. San Diego State gets the ball back on its own 20 after a touchback, 7:55 remaining.

8:31: Touchback. Hawaii gets the ball on its own 25.

8:27: TOUCHDOWN SAN DIEGO STATE. On fourth-and-goal from the Hawaii 5, quarterback Ryan Agnew finds a wide open lane for a touchdown. He also runs in the two-point conversion, and Hawaii’s lead is cut to 14-11 with 12:58 left.

8:25: San Diego State is now at the Hawaii 6 facing second-and-goal. Defensive coordinator Corey Batoon sprints down the sideline to call Hawaii’s second timeout of the half with 13:49 remaining.


8:18: End of the third. The Aztecs have been putting together a solid drive and will snap the ball from the Hawaii 21 to start the fourth quarter. Hawaii leads 14-3 through three.

8:09: SDSU to start from its own 25 after another Meskell touchback.

8:06: TOUCHDOWN RAINBOW WARRIORS. Fred Holly takes a handoff on third-and-10 and finds a wide open lane for an 11-yard touchdown. SDSU was definitely not expecting a run there. Meskell’s PAT extends the lead to 14-3 with 5:15 remaining in the third. That drive lasted 7:12, going 14 plays for 96 yards.

8:04: Cordeiro showing tremendous escapability in the pocket, running for three first downs on three consecutive plays. Hawaii at the SDSU 11.

8:00: Hawaii picks up the first down thanks to a defensive holding call. The drive lives on.

7:58: Hawaii calls its first timeout of the half facing third-and-13 on its own 17.

7:52: Chevan Cordeiro is in at QB for Hawaii.

7:50: Hawaii’s defense forces a three-and-out as well. What a job Corey Batoon’s unit has done so far. Hawaii gets the ball back on its own 4 after a booming punt by Brandon Heicklen with 12:27 remaining in the third.

7:47: Hawaii goes three-and-out. San Diego State starts from its own 41 after Ben Scruton’s punt, which is fair caught at the SDSU 41. 13:35 left in the third.

7:43: The second half is underway. Hawaii starts from its own 25 after a touchback on the kickoff.


7:33: It wasn’t perfect, but Hawaii is right where it wants to be at the halftime with a 7-3 lead. The ‘Bows will receive to start the second half as well. Cole McDonald completed 13 of his 17 first-half passes, including 10 of his first 11. But his interception to Barcoo allowed San Diego State to cut into the lead. Jason-Matthew Sharsh leads all receivers with eight receptions for 83 yards and a touchdown. The UH defense has certainly held its own through two periods.


7:22: With no timeouts, Hawaii takes a knee to get into halftime with a 7-3 lead. The ‘Bows will receive to start the second half.

7:20: Araiza’s kick is…good. The Hawaii lead is cut to 7-3 with 18 seconds left in the first half.

7:19: The ‘Bows force a third down. Hawaii calls its final timeout of the half in an attempt to freeze SDSU freshman kicker Matt Araiza before he lines up for a 27-yard field goal.

7:17: San Diego State gets down to the Hawaii 10. The ‘Bows call their second timeout of the half with 26 seconds left. Third-and-3 coming up for SDSU.

7:16: It’s ruled an incomplete pass after the review, and SDSU now faces second-and-15 with 42 seconds left in the half.

7:14: San Diego State’s Daniel Bellinger hauls in a pass at the back of the end zone. The referees rule it a touchdown, but it is under further review.

7:12: SDSU calls its second timeout, facing first-and-15 at the Hawaii 22 with 49 seconds left in the half.

7:09: Hawaii calls a timeout as SDSU faces third-and-3 with 1:01 left in the second.

7:08: San Diego State advances to the UH 24 with 1:04 left in the half. The Aztecs call their first timeout of the half.

7:06: McDonald is INTERCEPTED by San Diego State’s Luq Barcoo at the SDSU 49 with 1:28 left in the half. It is Barcoo’s eighth interception of the season.

7:00: For UH it has definitely one of the defense’s best showings of the season, forcing another SDSU punt after key tackles by Azia Se’ei and Cortez Davis. Hawaii gets the ball back on its own 8 with 4:16 left in the half after the punt.

6:52: Hawaii picks up a few first downs and gets all the way to the SDSU 38, but can’t convert on third-and-8. McDonald nearly throws an interception on third down but is an efficient 9-for-12 with 115 yards so far. Ben Scruton’s punt sails into the end zone for a touchback with 9:01 left in the first half.

6:44: Hawaii’s defense has shown up to play. The ‘Bows force another punt, but are pinned to their own 2 by SDSU punter Brandon Heicklen. Hawaii leads 7-0 with 13:31 left in the second quarter and a long field ahead.


6:38: Hawaii leads 7-0 after the first quarter. San Diego State faces first-and-20 on the UH 49 to start the second quarter. Solid start for Hawaii, all things considered.

6:34: Injury timeout. SDSU facing second-and-6 at the UH 48 with 53 seconds left in the first. The injured player appears to be Hawaii defensive end Mason Vega.

6:31: San Diego State appears to have gotten a first down on third-and-8, but it’s close enough to warrant a review. The call stands after the review. 3:43 left in the first, Hawaii still up 7-0. SDSU ball on its own 35.

6:26: Another touchback on a Meskell kickoff. San Diego State gets the ball on its own 20 after the TV timeout.

6:24: TOUCHDOWN HAWAII. Cole McDonald finds Jason-Matthew Sharsh in the back of the end zone for an 8-yard touchdown. That drive couldn’t have gone much better for UH, who picked up five first downs and took 8:30 off the clock in the process. McDonald looked sharp, completing 6-of-7 passes for 77 yards on that drive. Hawaii leads 7-0 with 8:50 left in the first quarter.

6:17: The ‘Bows are driving with McDonald in a nice rhythm. They’re now at the SDSU 40 with 8:50 left in the first quarter.

6:11: San Diego State picks up two first downs, but the ‘Bows force SDSU to punt from the UH 48. Hawaii gets the ball on its own 9 with 12:13 remaining in the first quarter. Cole McDonald gets the start at QB for UH.

6:07 p.m.: Ryan Meskell’s kickoff for UH is in the end zone for a touchback.


PREGAME: Hawaii wins the toss and will defer to the second half. San Diego State will receive to start this game. And here. We. Go.

PREGAME: Hawaii running back Dayton Furuta is suited up and appears to be ready to go. He has not played since Sept. 7 against Oregon State.

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