HONOLUU (KHON2) – Halloween weekend is here, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reminding those who will be gathering at Halloween theme parties to be cautious because you can still get and transmit COVID-19.

A great way to decrease your chance of getting the virus is having a well-ventilated home bringing in fresh air from the outside. 

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Not everyone who has COVID is aware that they have and can spread the virus. The CDC encourages everyone who is not up to date on vaccinations to do so.

If you are hosting a Halloween party here are some tips:

  • Open windows
  • Use air filters
  • Turn on fans
  • Use bathroom and stove exhaust fans
  • Offer hand sanitizer
  • Stock up on hand soap
  • Utilize outdoor seating

The CDC reports it being best to open a window up widely. However, if that is unsafe to do so because of pets or small children, having a window cracked open slightly can help. 

For more helpful tips to keep everyone safe during your upcoming Halloween party, head to their website

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It’s also important to remember to place a fan as close as possible to an open window blowing outside. Not only does that help get rid of virus particles in your home, but fans can also improve air flow.