Max and Logan Rouse moved around a lot as children growing up in a military family. They spent a few years overseas, and few in Alabama, before arriving to Hawai’i just as they became teenagers.

“We went overseas to Italy, Korea, so we got to see their culture, got to see their way of living. It was a lot of things. We saw how they lived, language barriers, all of that,” Max told Cover2’s Alan Hoshida.

Logan added, “That experience allows you to see a wider view in the world. I think that’s the best part of this journey.”

Max and Logan are twins but they aren’t the type that could be switched in and out without anyone noticing. Besides their similar imposing statures and impressive beards, the twins’ personalities and interests are very different.

“I was mostly the studious one. I most did a lot of book work, real reading. Logan was more out there doing sports, hanging out with friends,” Max said, “It wasn’t like we’re both stupid, we’re both smart. It was more like I chose to do more like things alone while he did more socializing,”

“You know, different interests leads to hanging out with different people. Environments shape who you are, you’re experiences shape who you are. Even though we grew up in the same place, we had different experiences with different people. I think that is what makes the difference. It’s pretty good not being a clone of Max Rouse,” Logan explained.

Football has always been an integral aspect of the Rouse brothers journey. The two have been playing together ever since they can remember. Logan is a long limbed disruptive defensive end. Max plays on the other side of the ball as a steady cerebral tower on the offensive lineman. The seniors are two of ‘Aiea’s tone setters in the trenches.

“The head-to-head competition basically means there is no boring practice. There is always competition. You’re always having fun. It’s not like one side improves so much that the other is left in the dust. It’s pretty much even. That’s how it’s been since the 6th grade. It’s pretty good competition.”

“We usually refer to ourselves as the best guys on the field because that is how we feel about each other, so when we go against each other its really one of the better looks.”

Both have college futures after graduation but playing football at the next level is where the two might differ. Max wants to make a meaningful impact on the world with or without football. However, Logan knows he wants to college football and is on the radar of several programs, including the university of Hawai’i. Regardless of what is next, ‘Aiea is now a place they can call home.

“You know, A-Town and us. You know that it part of who I am. That’s part of my identity now. It’s pretty cool representing ‘Aiea whether that be doing good at a camp or talking to coaches and they be like ‘oh, I never heard of ‘Aiea.’ Well, now they know about ‘Aiea.”