Kamehameha-Kapalama Offensive Coordinator, Brian Ah Yat, has a very close relationship with his quarterback. It is his son, Keali’i, who happens to be one of the top quarterbacks in this year’s class.

“Hearing about my dad growing up, just hearing his stories. He never forced it upon me but I always felt like I want to play that position and step into that leadership role,” Keali’i told Cover2’s Alan Hoshida, “Whenever he’s teaching me, he knows what he’s talking about. It’s good to have that connection with him. He always helps me out everyday, on the football field at home. I always hear it from him.”

“It’s been a blessing that Coach Abu asked me a few years ago to join the staff, and being with Keali’i and being able to mentor him and be his coach,” Brian added, “We’ve had our ups and downs and there’s been times he just ignores me.”

The younger Ah Yat starting making a name for himself last year when he took over the Warriors offense as a Junior, throwing for 10 touchdowns and another 3 on the ground. This years it hasn’t been quite as dynamic with 6 total TDs heading into playoffs but he’s still found his moments to shine.

The senior’s play caught the eye of a familiar program that knows the Ah Yat name very well. It was inducted into Montana Athletics Hall-of-Fame in 2021 because dad is one of the best to ever wear the Maroon and Silver. Now it’s Keali’is turn.

“They wanted me for the player I was, not for my dad, even though he’s done a lot of great stuff over there. So that was a big thing, knowing they wanted a player and a person, knowing I don’t have play under my dad’s shadow,” Keali’i said about committing to Montana.

“Definitely a proud moment for both my wife and myself. We are just so proud of all the hard work he’s put in the game, in family and school as well, and faith,” Dad said.

Keali’i isn’t worried about the pressure that comes with following in his foot steps. No matter how large they may be. Pops still holds the most wins and is the second leading passer in Montana history which earned him two All-American honors. It was an unlikely record setting career. Not many people expected a kid from Hawai’i to take Missoula by storm.

“I went in not knowing much about anything. I went on my recruiting trip in January. It was a late deal. It was probably 30 degrees or below, but I love the game of football and I was so thankful that I landed there because it is a great university with great tradition,” the older Ah Yat said of his recruitment.

“I think it will help me a little bit, just knowing that he’s been there. It will help me in what I’m going to be going through with all the weather and change and stuff, but I’m ready for it.”

Keali’i hopes the Grizzlies reboot is just as good as the original.