The Waianae football last won a league championship 25 years ago. The late 80s and 90s were peak Seariders football. First year head coach, Thom Kaumeyer, is hoping to bring the program back to prominence in his return to coaching in Hawai’i. Kaumeyer was the UH defensive coordinator under Norm Chow and comes back to the islands after six year coaching in Japan.

“I had no idea I’d be back coaching here, especially high school. This it the first time I’m in the high school setting. Recruited high schools a lot but never ran the program. Like I was telling our boys, we can be a shining light for our community,” Kaumeyer told Cover2’s Alan Hoshida, “We just have to trust the process, and if we do so, I think it is something that will change the foundation and not just a quick fix for one year.”

The Seariders have lacked stability in recent years, multiple head coaches in the last several seasons. The former college coach says he isn’t changing the culture. He’s creating it by leaning on his seniors led by offensive tackle Josiah Timoteo.

“He knows what he is doing. I can see with the pace he runs with us and the way to runs the whole program. It’s all new compared to last year. I think its good that we have a coach like that,” Timoteo told Hoshida, “You know, him coaching at the next level and even playing in the NFL, he’s experienced. He knows what he’s doing and he’s giving us that knowledge to help us get better.”

Timoteo is built like a prototypical next level tackle, standing at 6’4, over 300 lbs., but that doesn’t mean he’s been immune to critics. He’s heard all the push back and uses it at motivation to get better.

“You know, I’ve heard people, even coaches too, saying I was big for nothing. I wasn’t good enough and that I wouldn’t be able to play, but I just took that to keep going. Look where I am at now with all these offers, being able to go to the next level with scholarships. Knowing the position I’m in with all these offers, I just have to make sure to hold myself to a higher standard and make all my blocks.”

Holding five division one offers, big #77 understands he can be the example for what Kaumeyer is preaching. Waianae football needs to be a beacon of light for the community.

“Coming from Waianae, you know, just the stereotypes, people saying we’re good for nothing that none of us make it out of here, but some of these kids really want to make it. I’m still working to be more successful and working to get better at my craft and do all that I can to make it to the next level and maybe even further.”