Zippy’s celebrates milestone with discount off breakfast bento


HONOLULU (KHNO2) — A local favorite is celebrating a big milestone with a delicious deal.

Zippy’s is giving a 25% discount on breakfast bentos until Friday, April 2.

That’s because the state recently reached its goal of 450,000 downloads of the Aloha Alert Safe app which notifies users if there’s been a possible exposure to COVID-19

“I think it’s awesome,” said customer Striezand Kekua. “I work the graveyard shift and when I get off of work, I usually like to buy stuff. But usually when I get off, you usually get so much money. You know? You’re usually high in the beginning or at the end of the month. Any other time in the month you’re pretty much low. So coming over here and getting 25% off is great. I can buy me my bento, put gas in my car, buy hamburger to cook spaghetti. I think this promotion is good.”

There are four different breakfast bentos to choose from.

They can be purchased at the fast food window, online, or through the Zippy’s app.

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