Health officials said the man from Japan was staying in a timeshare at the Grand Waikikian by Hilton Grand Vacations.

“They’ve been notified about the issue and they’re helping us and cooperating with us and trying to identify any possible close contacts while here,” said Dr. Bruce Anderson, Health Dept. Director.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority said the hotel was working with health officials

“They’re taking direction from the health department but they’re in the process. And you probably need to reach out to them to see exactly what they’re’ doing. Every organization has it a little differently, but they’re really focused on protecting the visitors and associates,” said Chris Tatum of the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Hotel workers and union representatives said they want to know more information.  

“The guests at Grand Waikikian can access everywhere in the village,” explained housekeeper Mary Taboniar. “So we don’t know the spread of the virus so I hope the Hilton Hawaiian Village can find these people that came into contact with this guest and take proper precautions and proper solutions.”

She said gloves and a mask are part of the housekeeper’s uniform.

Union representatives said they first heard about the visitor from the news conference.

“Of course we’re worried, but we’re still trying to get more information from the employer because like we just found out this afternoon,” said Gemma Weinstein, president of Local 5.

“We want to make sure everyone’s safe but we still don’t know the exact information so we’re also waiting for the information from the employer,” she added.

Hilton Hawaiian Village said the Grand Waikikian is under Hilton Grand Vacations which is an independent owner. We’ll follow up with them for more information.