Among the hottest items flying off store shelves lately? Toilet paper, bleach, and…box hair dye. 

Hair salons have been shut down for weeks to maintain social distancing measures. 

With more people staying at home, self-care has turned into do-it-yourself hair coloring and cutting. 

Hairstylists Sharon Chang of Dada Salon and Jake Acedo with The Foundry advise against purchasing a box of hair dye. 

The stylists explain that box color is formulated so anyone can use it. But they caution, one size does not fit all. 

“We control what we’re putting on our clients. The box coloring, if you have a specific look you want to target, what you see in the pictures, might take a little bit longer. There’s a process to it,” said Acedo. 

“It has a lot of harsh chemicals, a lot of ammonia, and can wreak havoc in your hair. And you can end up with a huge color correction, in the end,” said Chang.  

“Huge color correction:” spending more bucks at the salon to fix your hair.

“Sometimes, the damage is so irreversible they don’t want to go in with more and more chemicals. So that’s the reason why I would not anyone dying their hair with box color, especially if they have previously lightened hair. Don’t do it! Put it up, put it away, don’t look at it for now,” said Chang. 

Chang and Acedo says it’s best to leave hair color to the pros, but there are temporary sprays sold at drugstores that can hide dark roots. 

As for haircuts —

“I’ve seen the quarantine haircuts online!” said Acedo. 

In one of his recent newscasts, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper admitted to using a razor to buzz his own hair, resulting in a bald spot on the side of his head. 

“If anything keep it simple. Try not to do your normal hair cut yourself. I never advise it. If you have to, a good trim around the hairline to keep everything neat looking,” said Acedo.