Lowe’s Home Improvement is looking to fill full and part-time positions across the state right now. It’s an essential business staying open during the pandemic but Lowe’s says it has protective measures put in place for their employees.

It was bustling at the Lowe’s in Iwilei on Sunday.

“A lot of people they are spending more time in their house right now. They are locked in so the honey-do-list gets longer and longer,” said Shawn Troup, Lowe’s District Manager. “With the pandemic, it allows us to offer employment to people that need a good job and being an essential retailer we’ll always be open for business.”

Noticeably, the shopping experience has changed. More customers are wearing masks. Employees are also doing their part.

“Cleaning all the registers. Cleaning all the high-touch areas, the shopping carts, and all the keypads. We also put up plexiglass barriers between the cashiers and the customers for their protection and our protection,” he said.

And while Lowe’s is an essential business, you may be hard-pressed to find items like masks.

“When they come in we do not put them on the shelves. We are donating those masks and gloves and essentials for the first responders, hospitals, and the people who need it the most. The people that are in the front lines of this pandemic,” said Troup.

If retail is not your area of expertise, another option could be security. Securitas continues to look for more guards.

“There is always a need. People want to protect their property and there’s always that need and we also cover all the airports in the state of Hawaii so that’s our big need right now to continue to fill our positions both at the airport and throughout the state,” said Lee Donohue, Securitas’ Director of Security.

Both Lowe’s and Securitas tell us they’ve been looking to hire workers before the pandemic started and that search continues. Both businesses say they’re looking to fill about 100 positions each.