HONOLULU (KHON2) — Wearing a mask in public is one of Governor David Ige’s mandates.

This comes as we learn more about how the coronavirus can be carried through asymptomatic people. Because of the new mandate, the need for face masks has increased.

“We’ve also learned that there’s a lot more asymptomatic spread than we originally thought. What that means is that someone like you or me who does not have any symptoms whatsoever could be spreading the virus,” Dr. Rupie (Rupal Gohil, MD) explained.

Dr. Rupie said a person’s mouth is like a spray bottle. Every time you cough, sneeze, laugh or even talk, droplets fall onto surfaces around you.

“Just by talking, they can go up to 3-6 feet,” Dr. Rupie said. “Now coughing and sneezing, [droplets] can go potentially even further than that.”

According to the CDC, COVID-19 is spread through those respiratory droplets.

Here’s a list of local businesses you can support and buy from:
(Prices are subject to change.)

Maui Manjookies ($20)
This sweet treat company is not only looking to fill your stomachs, but it’s also looking out for your health. To order, customers will have to direct message the company on Instagram. The payment will be through Venmo.

Aloha Fun Wear ($56, $132, $519)
UPDATE: The company has temporarily stopped taking orders until production bottlenecks are resolved. Current orders are still in production and have begun to ship.

The Honolulu-based company is selling adult face masks in packs of 10, 25, and 100. The masks are non-refundable and non-returnable. Use special code MASK25 to get 25% off the listed price.

Aloha Fabrics Hula & Crafts ($12.99)
The masks are available in four sizes (extra small, small, medium, and large). New masks are available daily.

Itadakimasu ($4.40)
The Japanese product store has masks available in two different styles in four different designs. There is also the option to order a mask with a pocket for the filter. The filters, however, are not included and are not available on their website. Though the company is currently sold out of masks, the store does say to check back in a week for more.

Sky Dreams (Pay shipping only)
Founder and Designer Angie Higa began the “Giving Back Project.” Masks are free and the only thing you pay for is shipping. They say that this will resume on April 30.

Island Slipper ($8)
Island Slipper is always working to restock, so when they’re out of stock be sure to check back at the date they list to restock.

Papaya Sun ($15-20)
All face mask are sourced locally from various vendors. 

Jams World ($15.99)
Masks from Jams World come with a disposable filter insert. Next orders will be shipped the week of May 15.

AlohaZ ($18)
Masks are handmade in Honolulu, Hawaii by our local community of seamstresses.

Kini Zamora ($13)
The designer announced that for every mask sold, two will be donated. The brand has selling double-lined masks in two sizes for $13. Though they are currently sold out, the designer released a Youtube video showing people how to make it.

Ari South ($40)
This design features 100% Kona Cotton lining and a pocket for your carbon filter (not included). The company says that for every mask sold, they will donate an additional mask or PPE garment to a local health center.

Lavahut ($15-20)
Designed and made in Honolulu, the face masks come in different Hawaiian print designs and in different shapes with adjustable ties for a more customized fit. They are available in children and adult sizes.

Tori Richard ($1 for postage)
The order comes in a set of four. While the masks are currently out of stock, you can sign up for an email notification for when they restock. The brand says that it is working on more and will be able to accept orders again very soon.

T&L Muumuu Factory ($5)
At T&L Muumuu Factory, employees are working overtime to fill all of the orders for face masks. Workers are sewing more than 2,000 masks every three to four days.

The manager said, “We want to have priority to the healthcare to those in the front lines first and whatever we have remaining will be going to the public whether it be online or emailing us or reserving the amount you need and as soon as we get them.” Every mask T&L Muumuu Factory sells they will donate a mask to a healthcare worker on the frontlines. 

The website says that orders will be taken, but they do not have an actual time frame on when the order can be delivered. Each order will be a random print.

Ilikoi Goods ($15-20)
Known for their hats, the brand said that it will be donating to hospitals, healthcare and medical facilities on the island as well as shipping to the mainland for the healthcare staff in need.

Kaikini Bikinis ($8.99)
This Kauai-based store usually sells bikinis, but now to help out the community, they’re selling masks as well. The brand says that for every 10 masks purchased, two are donated to healthcare workers in need.

Malulani Originals

This company has been making since late January.

Ivy & Co. ($10)
The Kauai-based brand is selling pleated fabric masks in child and adult sizes. The brand says that the fabric “will be chosen at random appropriate to the variant size & gender you select.” Production time is currently at one to two weeks.

Akira Collection ($15)
The brand has made and delivered over 1,000 masks for our healthcare professionals. The pleated face mask comes in a ‘one size fits most’ in blue or in pink.

Avanti Designs ($12-15)
The Hawaiian shirt brand is doing a “Buy One, Donate Five” initiative. With every reusable mask purchased, it will donate five surgical masks to a local hospital, health center, or first responder. Avanti Designs says that it will continually offer this until supplies run out.

“In the case our supplier runs out of surgical masks, we will revert back to the donating one reusable face mask for every one purchased,” said the company.

All masks can be purchased for $15 for adult masks and $12 for children masks. 

Lilikoi Love Hawaii ($18-20) This family run company specializes in hair bows but due to the coronavirus needs, have turned their attention to making masks. Keiki and adult sizes are available in stylish prints. All orders can be made online. Everything is made in Honolulu.

Kailua masks ($12) This shop makes washable and reusable masks with a bendable metal piece around the nose to fit your face. There are two layers of 100% cotton and a pocket that can be used to add a filter–two HEPA filters included. The masks feature adjustable elastic ear straps and fit most adults and teens.

Ninth Isle ($10 each, discounts for three or more)
This is an online company working with Winnie Fashion Inc, who has been making car seat covers and aloha shirts since 1998. Ninth Isle makes four layered face masks, and DIY Face Mask Pre-Cut Fabric kits.

Junjee Bags ($10)
This small Kauai business usually makes bags for wholesale and retail but now have added face masks to its stock. Business owner Yolanda Cabral says that for every mask sold, the brand will donate one to the local community.

Freckleface Soaps ($8-20)
Though the Oahu-based company is usually known for its handmade soap, the brand says that it has the capacity to make masks. For each mask sold, the company will donate a mask to a healthcare or essential worker.

CC Fashions ($4-$8.50)
A local clothing manufacturer/retailer in business for 26 years offers various adult style fask masks as well as one children’s style. All masks are made with 100% cotton fabric.

Haku Defense ($15)
The company has launched a triple-layered muslin cotton face that is available in seven colors.

Health Korea ($45.98) Health Korea is selling sets of 10 KN95 particulate respirator masks.

DIY Time
If you want to make your own mask or join the cause to provide more supply, the CDC released a guideline on creating your own. It includes how to sew a mask and even how to make one if your sewing skills aren’t up to par. To get those details, here’s the link.

If you’re a brand that’s creating and selling masks, email news@khon2.com to let us know.