In California, officials are investigating the first U.S. case of coronavirus of unknown origin. What does that mean? According to the CDC, “community spread” means the spread of an illness for which the source of infection is unknown.

“So when around the world we’re worried about places now like Italy and South Korea that may have spread of the Coronavirus. We are looking to see whether there is a community member that may not have a travel history or exposure history and would spread the virus to somebody else that then catches Coronavirus so that’s what a community spread means,” said Dr. Kalani Brady of the John A. Burns School of Medicine.

Lieutenant Governor Josh Green says state officials are putting into place contingency plans.

“The message is we don’t have any cases. We do have enough supplies and we should be focused on normal behavior. We would absolutely share if we have to change school schedules, work schedules,” said Green. “So all these things are in place. I would say that every 72 hours I see a significant change in our level of preparedness for the better.”

Health officials continue to stress the importance of taking simple precautionary measures such as staying home when you’re sick, avoid touching your face, and always wash your hands.