HONOLULU, Hawaii (KHON2) – A Coronavirus private testing company is bringing science and technology together to provide more resources for the community.

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Wellness for Humanity is already serving cities in Texas and Georgia and they recently started operations in Honolulu.

“We were a human optimization lab out of Houston and when this whole pandemic hit, we were like how can we contribute,” said Danielle Kling, the Wellness for Humanity Hawaii Operator.

The company created a rapid testing facility in Kakaako that is open to the public. To schedule an appointment, visit the Wellness for Humanity website. Insurance and a doctors note are not required.

“Our main test is FDA authorized. It’s our Serology Antibody kit. It’s a finger prick, so all we need is one drop of blood and we can get results in 15 minutes. We can tell exposure of COVID-19 and we can tell antibodies.”

Once the test is taken, the results will be emailed in 30 minutes.

Wellness for Humanity is also tapping into advanced technology to create a safe work space.

“So we created a QR code which is HIPAA compliant and it’s blockchain. The employer can scan and it basically gives you a virtual immunity passport of that employee.”

With their latest developments in tech, the company hopes to help the state implement future safety features at the airport.

“We also have stations that do all the scanning, temperature screening, respiratory and symptom checks. So they’re not spending extra money for an employee that’s doing that and it’s very efficient.”

Wellness for Humanity is working on setting up more COVID-19 rapid testing centers in Kailua and Downtown.

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