Vets turn to telemedicine during COVID-19 crisis


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Many jobs have gone digital amidst this pandemic. That includes veterinarians.

They’re now turning to telemedicine visits to keep distance between themselves and pet owners. At one vet office in Chicago, animals are allowed inside the clinic, but owners are not.

Staff says they are making the extra effort to follow up with owners who might be anxious about the separation, and that some pets are handling it better than others.

“Some pets are cooperative. Some aren’t. I think that dogs can, can be a little better than, than cats sometimes, ’cause cats like to hide,” said OZ Animal Hospital Vet Ana Valbuena.

“We as the doctor will discuss the case with the owner completely, virtually through the phone and through video conferencing. And we’re often able to reach a diagnosis, and prescribe medications,” said OZ Animal Hospital Medical Director Tracey Maione.

The threat of coronavirus to animals is still unclear.

But the CDC says you should treat pets as you would any other family member, and isolate them from others outside your own household.

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