HONOLULU (KHON2) — In late August, Sebastian Feary’s fiance’s co-worker tested positive for COVID-19.

A few days later, the couple started coming down with symptoms.

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Feary said by the fourth day he felt exhausted, had a headache, sore throat, and on the fifth day lost his taste and smell.

When the couple’s tests came back positive, they stayed home, drank plenty of fluids and took vitamins.

“I try not to get too involved with things that are going on social media on what to do at home and home remedies because a lot of it to me is just craziness right now,” Feary said.

By the ninth day, he thought he was feeling better but still had a lingering cough and felt slightly winded.

His doctor told him to check is oxygen levels. Someone brought him an oxygen saturation device from the drugstore.

“My doctor said, if your oxygen gets below 90, you should go to the hospital because at around 80 to 85, it starts to affect your brain,” Feary said.

 That day his oxygen level was at 77, and by day 10, it dropped to 73%.

His fiancé took him to the hospital.

“Right off the bat, they wanted to know if I was vaccinated and you know, I wasn’t vaccinated,” Feary said.

He said his nurse was from Michigan and was one of the FEMA nurses brought into the state to help with the current surge.  

“They’re doing what they swore an oath, an oath to do as, as a medical professional, and I am forever grateful for the help that they gave me,” he said.

Feary said he’s seen several social media posts about unvaccinated patients not being treated fairly by nurses; Feary said he had to let people know his experience was far from that.

“I genuinely feel that they wanted to make sure that I was okay,” he said of the staff at Pali Momi and Straub Medical Center. “They made me feel comfortable, and that they cared. That’s just huge for me.”

Staff put him on oxygen, a five-day antiviral treatment, Remdesivir, a vitamin drip, and blood thinners.

He said he saw social media comments telling him to ask doctors for controversial treatment instead.

“For me, I didn’t feel that I needed to tell a medical professional, a doctor, that I need you to use this medication that is a hot trending topic on social media to cure me,” he said. “We put our lives in the hands of these medical professionals because that’s what they went to school for, that’s what they’re trained for.”

“For me to have another day with my son, and my family, and my other kids. Just one extra day with them, of good health, is worth any price to me,” he encouraged. “So if you are sick, and you’re not feeling 100%, and you don’t think that the care that you’re giving yourself at home is working, go get the help at a hospital.”

He said the COVID situation is “Scary. It’s here. It’s not something we can run away from. Just you know, be mindful of your surroundings. Be mindful of your neighbor, and your community, and truly, we are truly in this together especially here in Hawaii, we are a small place.”

Feary said regardless of vaccination status, he understands he could catch COVID again, but hopes to remain out of the hospital in the future.

“Maybe it is my fault for waiting for so long [to get vaccinated],” he said. “I probably wouldn’t have been in the hospital if I was vaccinated, but I don’t know. I could have been vaccinated and still had to go to the hospital. It’s just my biological makeup.”

“Just know that hospitals and frontline workers are there to help you,” he said. “I’m sorry for anybody who had a bad experience. But I just want to say that I got the best care that I could possibly get, and I’m really appreciative to all the staff who helped me at Pali Momi and Straub.”

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Feary was sent home a few days ago and is on home oxygen and medication.