HONOLULU (KHON2) — As people continue to practice social distancing and stay at home, online trends have sparked on platforms like Instagram.

A recent trend that’s dominating people’s Instagram feeds is the phrase “until tomorrow.” It’s a vague caption that involves posting embarrassing photos of oneself with the caption that says “until tomorrow” without any context whatsoever.

When someone likes the user’s post, the person who posted the photo has to send direct messages to everyone who ‘liked’ the post and tell them to post a photo of their own and leave it up for the next 24 hours.

Hence the phrase, “until tomorrow.”

As of April 2, over 2.3 million photos carried the hashtag #untiltomorrow.

This viral trend is one of the many circulating platforms like Instagram.

Online trends are a way to keep busy during self-isolation

Ever played bingo? A University of Hawaii at Manoa student version of the game is floating around on the Instagram stories of former and current UH students.

UH students Dominique Ocampo and Sheena Juliano created the template for the game when they saw that other schools were making their own version.

“We started to see other schools do them so we thought UH should have one,” said the co-creator of the UH bingo template Dominique Ocampo. “It’s also a fun thing to do during quarantine. It’s fun to read things that are relatable.”

The goal is simple: cross out everything that’s relatable and try to get a bingo. Pau hana at Bale? Ate inside Sinclair Library? Used the Tapingo app?

(Courtesy of Dominique Ocampo and Sheena Juliano)

Another challenge seen on Instagram is #see10do10, which encourages people to do pushups at home. It involves recording a video doing 10 pushups, then tagging a number of friends to do the same. The challenge has since evolved to include other activities aside from working out.

Some users have also started chains in their Instagram Stories, such as drawing different foods like oranges and bananas and tagging their friends to do the same.

In light of the COVID-19 situation, many are at home in isolation without much to do. Challenges like these give people a quick, fun way to interact with others online.