University of Hawai’i football team will have all players tested for COVID-19 before the start of training camp next week


Two days after a number of players from the University of Hawaii football team expressed concerns over COVID-19 testing not being done for those that don’t show symptoms, UH has revealed that all players will be tested over the next two weeks.

The NCAA issued new guidance regarding testing this past Friday, and the Rainbow Warriors will follow those guidelines of testing 25-50% of the roster but will go beyond that recommendation by testing all players before the start of training camp which is currently scheduled for next Friday.

“The one thing about the testing is that we try to communicate with them is that the testing is just a picture of that day. So, you can’t get a false sense of security with that. The most important thing that we’ve been educated through the doctors is obviously making sure that we are communicating, making sure we are wearing masks, make sure we are doing the proper medical screening, and make sure that we’re not going and putting ourselves in situations and places that we don’t need to be in,” said UH head coach Todd Graham on Tuesday.

Since starting on campus strength and conditioning workouts in the first week of July, UH has been conducting suspicion-based testing on players and coaches in addition to daily screenings by medical staff which include temperature checks, and questionnaires on exposure risk and symptoms.

“Every single day we are doing medical screening, so they talk to their coach every single day which involves a lot of contact, a lot of phone calls and text messages and making sure that if anybody isn’t feeling well then they would not come to practice and anybody that lives there, we quarantine them as well,” said Graham. “We’re doing everything with social distancing and really talked to our players about that it’s so important if you want to play is to make sure that you follow the right protocols and do those things and we’ve been pretty blessed to be in a state that is has been one of the safest and has done probably the best job at handling the outbreak with the 14 day quarantine. I think the medical screenings, communicating every day, temperature checks, all those things have been very, very important and I think our guys, our players and our staff have done a really good job.”

An undisclosed number of team members have already been tested for the coronavirus and according to a UH spokesperson none of the players, coaches, or extended staff produced a positive result.

“It is very, very important that you take it very, very serious because we want to follow the protocol because ultimately our hope is that we’re able to play the season and do it safely, because that’s the only way it’s going to happen,” said Graham.

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