Travelers to Hawaii to see changes in travel forms


HONOLULU (KHON2) — More changes are being made to make sure travelers to the state are following the mandatory quarantine.

The new changes will be found on the agriculture forms that people will be asked to fill out on the plane. Senator Donna Mercado Kim who pushed for the changes said this will make the form more thorough and help the state keep track of people who arrive.

“One of the things is, that they need to have a reservation going back. That’s one of the things that are required in the proclamation by the governor, and so right now that information is not really asked for on any of the forms and it’s really not required,” said Kim.

Questions asking about the traveler’s address and when visitors will leave the state have been added to the form. She said it also allows travelers to say if they’re a returning resident, on vacation, traveling for business or visiting family.

Right now, there are checks at the airport to make sure a visitor’s address and contact information is correct, as well as temperature checks.

However, lawmakers want to see something more longer lasting.

“It’s not sustainable once there’ll be more flights coming in, so they’re trying to patch all of the gates at one point so that there’ll be one consistent checkpoint,” said Kim.

She said the Department of Transportation is looking at possibly three checkpoints in the airport to do this.

There are also other ideas being discussed to strengthen quarantine orders. One is having a shuttle to take travelers to where they’ll be quarantining. Another idea that has been discussed is giving visitors a one-time use room key so if they leave, they can’t get back in without alerting hotel staff.

However, Kim said there are questions over the legality of those ideas.

Still, she said, they are trying to find additional ways to strengthen rules for travelers.

 “Majority of the calls and emails I’ve been getting they’re concerned about safety, they’re concerned about travelers bringing in the virus from other places,” said Kim.

Kim said they may possibly discuss the budget for setting up checkpoint at the airport when the legislature reconvenes next week.

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