New measures are being proposed to make sure travelers are not carrying COVID-19 into the state, some of these include testing before travel as well as tougher rules under quarantine.

More than 200 visitors were recorded Tuesday, Lt. Governor Josh Green, said that will continue to go up and said COVID-19 tests should be part of passenger screening.

“I think it’s absolutely a must that we have some capacity to test people,” Green said. “I spent two hours with top executives in the travel industry yesterday going over all the many reasons why we have to do some screening mechanism with a test.”

Meanwhile, state senators in the COVID-19 committee are calling for tougher enforcement for travelers who violate the 14-day quarantine.

State Senator, Donovan Dela Cruz, said there are loopholes hotels could help close to keep visitors from breaking quarantine.

Dela Cruz said, “Allow the room key to work only the first day, that way they can get to their room, if they leave the room then they wouldn’t be allowed back, they would have to go back to the front desk which means they violated the quarantine.”

The governor’s latest emergency proclamation also cracks down on visitor’s movements.

Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami, said people on quarantine will not be allowed to rent a car.

Kawakami said, “Under the new proclamation rental car companies will be prohibited from renting to anyone who is subject to the mandatory quarantine.”

Congressman Ed Case in a statement said testing for air travelers would require policy changes in the Federal Aviation Administration.

Part of the Congressman’s statement said:

“This can be basic temperature testing and symptom review to start with
and then as rapid test kits come on line those as well. The responsibility
and cost of doing so would be borne by the airlines. I have discussed this
approach directly with senior members of the Federal Aviation
Administration with jurisdiction over air travel.
The FAA’s view to date is that it does not have authority to permit such
pre-boarding testing conditions although other agencies such as the
Centers For Disease Prevention and Control may have the authority to preempt the FAA.
It may, therefore, take a change in the law or regulations to authorize
Hawai’i to require pre-board testing and other public health protection
conditions. I am pursuing all of these possibilities in Washington,

A spokesperson of Hawaiian Airlines said they continue to be part of re-opening conversations as lawmakers prepare for a phased reopening. In the meantime, the airline continues to deep clean and disinfect the cabins, change the seating process to increase personal space, and require travelers and airline employees to wear face coverings.