HONOLULU(KHON2)–Lieutenant Governor Josh Green wants to implement a 14-day quarantine for both residents and visitors coming into the islands.

“The changes are going to come swiftly.”

In an unprecedented move to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Hawaii, Green said they plan to drastically limit inbound flights and impose a quarantine on everyone coming into the state.

“We will have a new policy to decrease travel from the mainland for at least two weeks. People that have to travel here, everyone will have to quarantine for two weeks that’s the proposal we are moving to,” Green said.

Green said he doesn’t know when this will go into effect but the Governor is currently discussing the details.

“A short term shut down is much more prudent than letting people just trickle in and infecting others,” Green explained.

He said the plan requires every person arriving at the airport to be screened and then quarantined for two weeks at either their home or their hotel.

Anyone who is sick or tests positive for COVID-19 would be quarantined either at a hospital or an undetermined location.

The plan also includes a shutdown of Waikiki.

Hotel occupancy has already seen a sharp decline. Green said this would likely force some hotels to close altogether.

“It makes sense in my opinion, and I know people are worried, but they’re more worried about their loved ones then hotel occupancy at present.”

Green said many other cities are wishing they only had the number of cases that Hawaii has right now and he added that we should do everything we can to keep it that way.