Surfing’s Moore sisters make the most of Hawaii’s stay at home order with quality time and social media silliness


Carissa and Cayla Moore

With Hawaii’s stay at home order in affect amid the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the few activities that residents can dive into is getting into the ocean.

For world champion surfer Carissa Moore, she has definitely taken advantage of that, but it’s staying home and having unexpected sister time that serves as the bright spot through these dark times.

To say that The Moore Sisters are used to living a busy lifestyle would be a Waimea sized understatement. Carissa, a three-time WSL world champ has spent the last decade on tour, while litle sister Cayla, collegiate surfing champ herself at Pepperdine, recently dove into a career in marketing.

But like many others, the pair have quickly gone from on the go, to grounded, in their family home in Palolo Valley.

“This has been a blessing in disguise. I wouldn’t have probably seen my sister until maybe late May. She was going to come home during the summer, so it was unexpected quality time together. She lives downstairs when she’s home so I get to see her pretty much 24-7,” Carissa told KHON2 Sports Director Rob DeMello.

“I make it a point to come up and see how she’s doing. We’ve been doing a lot of sister workouts, we’ve been doing a lot of gardening, and luckily we’ve still been getting to jump into the ocean together a bunch which has been really nice,” added Cayla.

And as anyone that has been following the siblings on social media could clearly see that the pair have been inseparable, while hoping to inspire others to make the most of these unprecedented times.

“We’re just trying to do our best and stay positive,” said Carissa. “It’s really cool, Cayla is actually working on the social media team with the WSL so she’s been really helping me with my social media and creating content together.”

“I think there’s definitely an importance of this time more than ever. Everyone is on their phone, we’re staying home more, we’re looking to social media to kind of fill that void of personal connection,” said Cayla.

In the process, little sister has opened a window to the personal side of the self described shy world champ. Evident by the creation of a TikTok account that has given Carissa’s silly side a stage to shine.

“For sure,” Carissa said in a giggle. “I wouldn’t be doing TikTok if it wasn’t for my sister. I definitely don’t really understand what TikTok is even quite yet.”

“As a whole person she is quite amazing. So, I wanted to show more of like that funny side, that goofy side that dances in-front of the mirror and just laughs when we workout. It’s been really fun to kind of be pushing her outside of her comfort zone a little bit,” added Cayla.

In regards to surfing, the sport’s Olympic debut which had Carissa on Team USA has been pushed back to next summer. A schedule change that she takes in stride, knowing that so many others are in a similar situation.

“Everyone is in the same boat. Everyone has had to shift their perspectives and change schedules and routines and adapt,” said Carissa. “If I were to share a message it would be to keep living with kindness. To be understanding of one another, to try to put yourself in each other’s shoes, to know that everyone is going through something and if we can live with aloha and love each other, like Cayla said, that’s what is going to get us through is that positivity and sharing that light, this smiles, those laughs, and really appreciating the simple things which is family.”

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