State still discussing how people will prove they have been vaccinated


HONOLULU(KHON2) –With the COVID-19 vaccine on its way, the state is discussing how people will prove they have been vaccinated.

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The COVID-19 vaccine will arrive as early as the week of Monday, Dec. 14. It requires two doses taken roughly three to four weeks apart, which means some people may be immunized by mid- to late-January.

Lt. Gov. Josh Green said at this point, people will be issued a yellow card — an immunization card that may look similar to the International Certificate of Vaccination approved by the World Health Organization.

“We will get a yellow card that will be completed as you get your first shot and your second shot. You also have the receipt of what you’ve done,” Lt. Gov. Green said. “So we’ll be able to show that people have gone through the process.”

Green said there is a system to keep a record of who received their shots.

“We do have also a vaccination registry where we put it into our records digitally. We’re also in communication with some companies that provide a health pass, which would be an app, and that will get finalized too, as a lot of people across the globe get vaccinated. It’s got to be protected information, very safe,” Green explained.

According to Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA), vaccines will benefit Hawaii and make travel easier.

In a statement, HTA President John De Fries said:
“The availability of vaccinations will instill confidence in the minds of travelers, worldwide; and it will accelerate the recovery of Hawaii tourism in 2021 and beyond.”

The lieutenant governor said the state is discussing ways to streamline the Safe Travels app for those who get vaccinated.

“I will lobby very hard for us to have a simple process so that if you’re fully vaccinated, you don’t have to go through all of the hoops for Safe Travels,” Lt. Gov. Green said. “But the director of health wanted us to go slowly on that, because we want to make sure that people are getting immune that we have a seamless process. “

He said even though the vaccine is 95 % effective, masks are still the best defense.

According to Green the vaccination verification process is a work in progress and Hawaii is likely to see it continue to develop over the next four to six months.

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