St. Patrick’s Day events, nonprofits that benefit from them continue to be affected by coronavirus


HONOLULU (KHON2) — St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and there will not be any big celebrations because of COVID-19 for the second year in a row.

It is another big loss for businesses, but the impacts go beyond that.

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“The Irish bar owners call St. Patrick’s day the 13th month so it’s very busy.”

Don Murphy, Murphy’s Bar and Grill Owner

Decorations are already set up at Murphy’s Bar & Grill for St. Patrick’s Day. This year’s celebrations will not look the same as the ones prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, however.

“2019, we probably had 12,000-15,000 people down here, and this year maybe we’ll get a thousand throughout the whole day including takeout. So, it’s quite a difference,” said Don Murphy.

Part of the proceeds for the St. Patrick’s Day event are usually given out to non-profits and charities. Murphy said, they are not able to give out as much as they normally would since the pandemic hit.

“It limits the ones that we donate to obviously because there’s just not that much money at the end of the day.”

Don Murphy, Murphy’s Bar and Grill Owner

The business would donate to about ten to 15 different non-profits and charities during their St. Patrick’s event before the pandemic, but in 2021, they have had to whittle it down to only one.

“10% of our proceeds for the entire day will go to the Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation, who we’ve been working with for about 20 years,” said Murphy,

He said, there is hope for a big celebration in 2022 and an opportunity to give back to more organizations.

“You just get to know people and contacts and find one that you think needs some help and try to help them out,” said Murphy.

They are also starting to seeing positive changes when it comes to business.

“Today was the first day in a long time at lunch there was a real good hum,” said Murphy, “That’s a real – to a restaurateur that’s the sound you want to hear. That’s people talking, enjoying themselves. It means a lot.”

Murphy’s Bar and Grill will be offering special menu items for St. Patrick’s day. Unlike 2020, they will be open for indoor dining, per reservation, as well as take-out. Click here to reserve a spot for dine-in or to check what’s on their website.

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