Spike and Serve volleyball club “going live” on Instagram to continue team workouts


Spike and Serve

Volleyball is special in Hawaii. One of the most influential youth clubs in town is Spike and Serve. With everything that is happening in the world right now, this organization is just as affected as any.

Spike and Serve stopped meeting for practices last Thursday. Since, they’ve had to get creative by using Instagram to post drills and workouts. SAS is encouraging their players to respond within the app and follow along.

Tuesday afternoon, Spike and Serve held it’s first Instagram Live-led workout. SAS hopes that even after the pandemic is over, some of this social engagement remains.

“We’ve always talked about how cool it would be to do this,” said Spike and Serve director Kevin Wong. “How cool would it be to have coaches meetings? How cool would it be to be talking to your teams online? We just never did it. So all of a sudden, the game is changing, times are changing. The technologies are there. In some ways I feel like this is a really cool opportunity to get better and try new things.

I think it’s important for the volleyball side for sure. It’s important for keeping the community and the connection. That might be even more important,” said Wong. “These are times where kids are going through really stressful situations. They’re going through things where there’s really no game plan. And their support is their coaches, their support is their teammates and how do we keep that intact and how do we keep that strong for the kids.”

Wong is also a volleyball broadcaster for the Olympics on NBC. He says there’s still plenty of time before all the organizations involved in Tokyo 2020 need to make a call on if that show will go on.

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