Risk of COVID-19 exposure remains as more people leave home


As the state slowly continues to reopen there are risk factors people should consider before they begin expanding their social calendar, such as how well do you know others and if you know your own coronavirus status.

While more people make plans to reunite with family and friends, Dr. Tony Trpkovski with Doctors of Waikiki, said people should not let their guard down to COVID-19 exposure.

Dr. Trpkovski said, “Unless somebody is being regularly and are aware of their status then I would be cautious with the people I associate with.”

Part of being cautious means weighing your own risks and the people around you.

“Most of us who have close friends are aware of what they do, you’re probably going to have a more relaxed atmosphere,” Trpkovski said. “If they are new associates, people you don’t know,  you need to be cautious because you don’t know what they do and what their risks are.”

Before accepting plans people should consider the other person’s history.

The doctor said when he began identifying positive coronavirus cases many were infected through community spread.

Dr. Trpkovski said for people who plan on meeting with family members for Father’s Day, they should consider their health status and the type of exposure they have had.

Dr. Trpkovski said, “So if you work in an environment where you are exposed to people with coronavirus you’re in high risk, so if you are not in that category and you want to associate with your father for father’s day then fine, but if you are in a high-risk category, get tested.”

He said people should continue social distancing, wash hands frequently and wear masks, even around friends because large gatherings remain among the riskiest behaviors.

“There are going to be people wanting to do parties or other things. Well that’s going to be a high-risk situation, you don’t know who’s there,” Dr. Trpkovski said. “We have seen this in the mainland, people having parties and other activities there’s a high risk of getting coronavirus.”

In Honolulu, groups are being limited to 10 people.

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