Stuck inside for many hours of the day, a lot of us have been able to catch up on our favorite TV shows. But often, motivation might be lacking. That includes Taylor Crabb, one of Hawaii’s best beach volleyball players that just had his Olympic dreams delayed.

“Some days, pretty motivated and trying to do as much as I can to stay in shape, other days, lack a lot of motivation,” described Crabb, on a Facetime call. “Sitting on the couch, watching TV, Netflix. So yeah, it’s just been a roller coaster these past couple of weeks.”

The sharpest turn on that ride was on Tuesday when the 2020 Summer Olympics were officially postponed. Crabb and his partner Jake Gibb are currently the number one beach volleyball team in the United States and were just outside of a lock to compete in Tokyo.

At 28 Crabb has never qualified for the Olympics before.

“Ever since I was a little kid, this was my dream. This was what I wanted to do,” said Crabb. “This is where I wanted to get. And I put in all the work for it. To have it be so close, and just – not taken away – but pushed back is a bummer. There’s still some uncertainty about the qualifications, which is a huge bummer because right now we’re in first and we’re in a good spot. Just got to process it all and stay in the moment and stay ready for whenever we can start playing again.”

Crabb finished last years AVP season with a dramatic win in Waikiki. Fast forward to today, and he hasn’t picked up a volleyball in over two weeks, since he played at a tournament in Qatar. With the foreseeable future schedule wiped out, highlighted by the postponed Olympics, it could be a while before Crabb returns to the sand.

“I think it was the right decision, if they said it’s not safe for everyone,” said Crabb. “The athletes safety comes first. If they said it was safe for everyone I would have loved to have had it of course. But it comes down to what the officials say.”

The former Punahou star is back here in Hawaii, spending time with his parents, and like all of us, trying to stay in shape, putting good use to the one-man canoe.

“We go out in ocean and paddle together, which is nice,” said Crabb. “Good cardio and muscular endurance. Luckily my mom’s a yoga instructor so we did a yoga class the other day. I’m very thankful to be back here with them. Still able to do stuff. But definitely aware of what’s going on and avoiding big crowds and staying safe.”