The Professional Fighters League (PFL) was the first MMA organization to call off its season for 2020, postponing its run until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Without an eight months of action, the organization felt it would not be able to complete this season, given that the PFL is the first MMA organization to have a regular season, playoff and championship format.

“While we pivoted on the season pushing it to next year, the team at PFL doubled down on content, storytelling. We’re now evolving into a year round media company and becoming a destination for MMA fans,” PFL Chief Executive Office Peter Murray told KHON2’s Alan Hoshida. “We’re changing the game at the PFL with our innovation. We’ll change the vernacular. Our mission is to reimagine and grow the sport.”

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Last week, the PFL rolled out a new OTT platform, providing fight fans with access to hundreds of hours of premium PFL content wherever they are, with no restrictions. The PFL MMA app is available now for free on Apple TV, Roku, Fire, Android, and iOS devices.

“With the launch of our first OTT platform, we’re excited to fulfill the growing global demand for our product by providing fight fans around the world with free access to premium PFL content wherever, whenever and however they want to consume it,” Murray said in a press release. “Professional Fighters League is a media and content company. As we continue to grow, innovate, and reimagine MMA, we have placed an emphasis on engaging fans all year long through impactful storytelling and unprecedented access to the sport, our fighters, and the action inside the cage. As the app continues to evolve, this will especially be a destination for international fans outside the US.”

On top of the new PFL streaming service, the PFL continues to advance technology inside the cage. The 2021 season will be the first inside the ‘Smartcage,’ giving fans instant stats called ‘Cagenomics’ like punch and kick speed.

“We’re the first under Smartcage last year in all of combats history. Going forward we had punch speed and now we’re going to roll out kick speed,” Murray said. “No one has ever done it in MMA, kickboxing. We’re going to give fans that type of data. We’re going to give those tools to athletes so they can measure themselves with new bench marks. It just creates a much more exciting experience.”

Murray explained that while no specifics could be announced, the league hopes to one day bring the Smartcafe and all the innovations the PFL has to offer to Hawai’i, especially with its defending welterweight champion, Pearl City’s Ray Cooper, emerging as one of the league’s top stars.

“We look forward to being additional talent in from the islands and in the future staging PFL events in Hawai’i,” he said. “That’s absolutely on our radar.”