Outdoor sports fields, courts in Honolulu to open with limitations


No new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Thursday, keeping the statewide total at 637. This as Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell is reopening public and private outdoor sports fields and courts starting Friday. But with the threat of the virus still looming, some activities will not be enjoyed.

The city gives us some examples. Singles tennis and yoga would be acceptable but other activities are not such as one-on-one or team basketball because you cannot play while maintaining six feet of distance.

One-on-one sports and exercise activities where people can social distance at all times will be allowed. And you must wear a mask before and after you’re done playing. Outdoor group exercises of 10 or fewer people will also be allowed. But there cannot be any social gatherings. When you’re done playing or exercising, you must leave. We’re told district park gyms for indoor sporting activities will not be opening right now.

“A lot of gyms for indoor are about closer gatherings of more than 10. Talking about basketball and volleyball and those kinds of things so that’s probably down the road,” said Mayor Caldwell.

Pools and jungle gyms will still be closed. And don’t count on parks fully re-opening for activities like little league baseball this summer.

“That’s something that’s pretty down the calendar from where we are today. It’s one of the most difficult things, the larger spots gatherings, where spectators are watching. It’s going to be one of the last things that I think will open,” Caldwell said.

Also, the Mayor says drive-in services will be allowed as long as household members remain in the same vehicle during the entire service.

“It could be spiritual types of services or it could be some type of entertainment,” he said.

Windows and sunroofs must remain closed unless the car is parked more than 6-feet away from other vehicles. The order states no food, beverages, or materials of any kind may be distributed or collected during the service.

“If there is some type of entertainment venue where you can protect yourselves, you can pre-order food and beverages and pick it up there,” said the Mayor.

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