Oahu ohana sees COVID impact family members from the oldest to the youngest


HONOLULU (KHON2) — An Oahu family can barely begin to explain what these past few weeks have been like.

“Still in shock, the uncertainty and anxiety that goes into all of this,” said Jesand, whose family is affected by the COVID-19 surge.

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COVID-19 has turned this family upside down. First, with the tragic loss of their cousin just a few days ago.

“Unfortunately, he got the symptoms and the virus, and it ultimately took his life.”

The Oahu man was unvaccinated and in his late 30s. He leaves behind two children. It’s a tragedy they thought would never hit so close to home.

“I wish I could say something positive about that, but that’s where it’s at right now. That’s what his family and his kids are feeling right now. He’s gone, because of this virus.”

COVID is now affecting one of the youngest members of the family in their 4-year-old nephew.

“His symptoms just worsened and worsened, I guess over the weekend, and it reached to a point where his fever got over 102 degrees.”

The young child is now recovering at home and if there’s one thing the ohana has learned, this COVID surge is affecting.

Their grandpa suffered a heart attack three weeks ago, but with hospitals at their limits.

“Even though they obviously took him in and did their best to care for him. He actually did have to wait at Queen’s West for about a week from the time he had his heart attack to being able to transport to Queens.”

The family had front row seats, witnessing the impacts of COVID on their lives, one family member after another.

“Just the mental and emotional fatigue and the fact that it hit like our youngest little boy in our family, that it hurts. Nobody wants their kid to get COVID, even if they don’t develop symptoms.”

While the majority of the family is vaccinated, they hope other families will talk to loved ones who aren’t, in hopes to keep each other around and to protect one another.

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“This is the time to be real with each other, to be vulnerable with family members and friends. This is the time because we really don’t know when we’re taking that last family picture.”

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