An Oahu nurse is going above and beyond. She’s not only helping her patients, but she’s also finding a way to protect healthcare workers across the state.

Min Zhu is a certified family nurse practitioner on Oahu. Although she is not directly treating COVID-19 patients, her daily life has been altered dramatically.

“First thing after I get off work is rush to the shower, change everything, shower everything,” Zhu explained.

Zhu’s office is in a hospital, so everyday there is a chance she could bring the virus home to her family. So Zhu takes precautions.

“I separate my eating with my family, so I have my own isolated area because my parents are in their 80s,” she said.

As if caring for the community wasn’t enough, Min Zhu wanted to do more.

“I started to feel the urgency. I said, ‘Wow we got to do something,'” Zhu said about the possibility of Hawaii healthcare workers not having enough personal protective equipment like N95 masks.

Zhu found someone with access to N95 masks in China.

Her daughter Lydia Lan started a GoFundMe page with an initial goal of $10,000. So far, they’ve doubled that.

“I was so overwhelmed by the support. I said, ‘Wow! I got to speed up! I got to go find my masks,” Zhu said.

The mother-daughter team is using 100% of the money to purchase PPE and donate it to a number of local hospitals.

The Senior Vice President of Kuakini Medical Center said, “We are so grateful for her kindness and impressed with her passion to help the community hospitals.  She is very focused on donating personal protective equipment to help keep the Kuakini Health Care Team members and patients safe. We are blessed and thankful to have her support.”

The experience has been a learning opportunity for Lydia, who is a junior at Hawaii Baptist Academy.

“It has definitely made me more appreciative towards what our healthcare workers do, and it just made me value them more because they don’t really get the luxury of staying at home,” Lan said.

It’s a lesson that Lydia Lan is passing on to her peers.

“I’ve also been telling my friends to stay at home because we can control the virus and contain it. We can also help the people fighting for us too,” she said.

To visit Min Zhu’s GoFundMe page, click here.