Oahu moving forward after a week in Tier 2


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Oahu has been in Tier 2 for a week and the average positivity rate shows that we are heading in the right direction.

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That is why officials are stressing the need to wear a mask and avoid large gatherings. The success of that message will be determined this Halloween weekend.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell says that we are one of the few states doing well, while 40 others are seeing a spike in cases. Currently, on Oahu, the average seven-day number of cases is 49. The average seven-day number of cases currently stands at 49.

“If that was like that in the third week of November, we’d be moving into Tier 3 with 10 people may be able to gather right before Thanksgiving. That would be a very good thing,” said Mayor Caldwell.

That is why the mayor is once again urging the public not to trick-or-treat this Halloween. He says we do not want to repeat the mistakes of the first reopening where we let our guard down on the Fourth of July, which helped trigger a second lockdown.

“From the Fourth of July to the middle of August, we had over 350 cases a day and we went into a second stay-at-home,” said the mayor. “Every time we do another lockdown, there’s so much economic bloodletting that when we open up, there’s just as not as many businesses left. We don’t want to do this.”

Doctors stress the importance of wearing face coverings.

“It’s absolutely critical that if your Halloween mask and your face covering mask are not compatible, choose your face covering mask, not your Halloween mask,” said Hawaii Pacific Health Executive Vice President Dr. Melinda Ashton.

One pediatric emergency medicine physician says they have seen a decrease of COVID-19 cases in their emergency department and would like it to stay that way.

“Halloween in the future will be back to normal, but this year be creative, you know, stay at home, watch a scary movie, you know, do a scavenger hunt in your house. If you want to walk around the neighborhood, you know, wear a mask,” said Dr. Paul Eakin of the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children.

While Oahu is in a good place for now, we will not be in Tier 3 soon. We’re told that the system is set up to stay within a tier for at least four weeks. The mayor says that we could snap back to Tier 1 if we have two weeks of over a hundred cases.

“So it’s easy to move back hard to move forward. And the reason for it is to be safe, that we don’t repeat what we did the first reopening where we opened up quickly,” said Mayor Caldwell.

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