HONOLULU (KHON2) — Changes are coming to Oahu’s reopening strategy. Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi announced on Thursday, March 11, amendments to Tier 3.

Changes include allowing outdoor organized team sports and the reopening of bars.

Bars are now allowed to operate in the same manner as restaurants and the last call for alcohol has been extended from 10 p.m. to midnight. Folks can now stay out a little later to drink and bars can open without a food service requirement. Groups are still limited to up to 10 people and they must be served through sit-down service only.

“For the hundred somewhat bars that have remained closed, this is an opportunity for them to open,” said Mayor Blangiardi.

Serving up both food and drinks in the Downtown area, the owner of J. Dolan’s tells KHON2 the extra two hours to serve alcohol will help.

“I think it’s time. I think it will help. I think we’re going to be very careful with it, but I think we’re ready to take the next step,” said Danny Dolan.

According to the Honolulu Liquor Commission:
“The Honolulu Liquor Commission supports the Mayor’s decision to open bars under Modified Tier 3. We believe that bars and restaurants are eager to resume business and can do it safely with proper adherence to the Mayor’s Emergency Orders.
The Honolulu Liquor Commission will continue to enforce the rules set forth by the Mayor, as we always have, with routine compliance inspections and will take action against licensees who violate the conditions set forth in the Mayor’s Emergency Order 2021-03.”

Outdoor organized youth team sports will be allowed starting Monday, April 12. Adult teams can start the following week on Monday, April 19.

“There are some requirements, we are not going to allow potlucks and we are not going to allow spectators at those events,” the mayor said.

Spectators also mean parents, guardians and family members. They will not be allowed to gather on the sidelines, which the City anticipates will be a big challenge. The City could suspend or revoke the permits needed to reserve park facilities if the rules are not followed.

“We do not want to revoke a single permit. We want everybody to be out playing, so we are setting up a system with two verbal warnings or written warnings, and then going into a suspension, and then a revocation,” said Laura Thielen, Department of Parks and Recreation director.

Face coverings are also required during practices and games. City park gyms will remain closed. Excitement is in the air, however.

“A lot of these kids need sports. We touched on it. They go to school because of sports and so I’m excited, you guys should all be excited. I can’t wait to see you guys out there competing,” said retired pro football player Chad Owens.