HONOLULU (KHON) — For the first time in months, the Department of Health reported zero new cases of COVID-19 for the state. The total remains at 629.

Seven more cases required hospitalization, and one more recovery was reported, totaling 566 who have been released from isolation. The number of active cases in the state is currently 46.

The last time there weren’t any new cases to report was March 13th, though at that time daily tests were administered in the dozens, not the hundreds.

The earliest traces of COVID-19 in the state date back to the beginning of February, when a couple from Japan who had visited Hawaii from January 28th-February 7th tested positive for the virus upon returning to Japan.

Here is an in-depth breakdown:

  • Hawaii County: 74
  • Honolulu: 408
  • Kauai: 21
  • Maui: 116
  • Pending/Unknown: 0
  • HI Residents Diagnosed outside of HI: 10
  • Required Hospitalization: 81 (7)
  • Deaths: 17
  • Released from isolation: 566 (1)

For a detailed county-by-county breakdown, visit the DOH website here.

A previous version of this story noted different numbers of tests that had been administered. On Friday afternoon, the DOH changed the number of tests reported on their site multiple times, with a correction note that reads: “A technical error in the ELR reporting resulted in over-counting of some tests over the past week. The issue has been corrected.” We have removed the numbers in this post and requested clarification from the DOH. Once verified by the DOH, the number of tests will be added to this story. We regret any confusion this may have caused.