Mayor Kirk Caldwell says for now future curfews are out of the picture. While there’s no curfew on Maui on Monday night, Mayor Michael Victorino says he will announce Tuesday if the county should have one or not.

“There’s not another 3-day holiday until May and we’ve seen positive results and probably won’t have to happen again, and so we wanted to relay people’s concerns that this would be a part of the new standard, coming up for every weekend or weekdays. At this point, we think it’s worked, and we think the results have been positive,” said Mayor Caldwell.

Honolulu Police say more than 150 citations and 7 arrests were made over the weekend but they were not specifically for curfew violations. The Police Chief also had this to say:

“We saw people out partying during the day with the DJ up on top of one of our trails. Shame on you! If we can find out who they are, we definitely will be issuing citations,” said Chief Susan Ballard.

Over on Maui, Mayor Michael Victorino says they’re evaluating if the county should continue with a curfew. Maui Police issued a total of 15 citations on Friday. That more than doubled to 32 citations the following day. These were given to those who violated the emergency proclamation and could include curfew violations.

On the other hand, Hawaii County says there are no plans to add a curfew.

“Is it a factor in regards to helping the objective on what’s to achieve here? The Police Chief at this time saw no benefit of having a curfew,” said Mayor Harry Kim. “A lot of people have a lifestyle without endangering, spreading the virus.”

It’s been about 3 weeks since the nightly curfew on Kauai went into effect. As of April 12th, we’re told Kauai Police issued 125 citations and arrested 5 people for violating the 14-day quarantine order. Mayor Derek Kawakami says the curfew could be extended beyond May 3rd.

“We just had our first case of community transmission and definitely not near anywhere we want or feel like we could start really lowering some of these protective barriers,” said Mayor Kawakami.