HONOLULU (KHON2) — As doctors and scientists continue to wage war against this invisible enemy, the rapid antibody test has emerged as the latest tool in their arsenal.

“It’s going to be critically important to have antibody testing which everybody needs to understand is a little different the current test for your either ruled in or out,” said Lieutenant Governor Dr. Josh Green. “These antibody tests will be a way to determine if these people have immunity.”

While the science is still improving, information garnered from these tests will not only be critical, but timely.

“It’s just a quick finger stick — a real fast test — and as it gets perfected because there are many companies, about 70 working on it, it could be the key to re-opening Hawaii,” said Dr. Green.

Local independent clinic Doctors of Waikiki now has several thousand of the rapid anti-body test kits which were approved under the FDA’s Emergency Utilization Authorization program.

“We get to have this test to provide the public to gather more data, gather more information. Remember this thing is evolving very quickly we need to get ahead of it and that’s why we are heavily invested to obtain this test before anybody started thinking about this a while ago,” said Dr. Alan Wu, Doctors of Waikiki.

Dr. Wu says these new tests will be offered first to our front line health workers and first responders, with the hope of keeping them on the job, or getting them back to work ASAP.

“Early intervention is key. And in our intervention and contact tracing we bring in all the relatives and coworkers they been in contact with and we do test them,” said Dr. Wu.

“If we see they have antibodies and they are immune it will number one get them back to work more comfortably. Two we will not have to worry about as much PPE because they will be immune,” said Green.