Oahu-native serves aloha to Bay Area residents despite wildfires and pandemic


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KHON2) – Whether it’s the stuffed malasadas or homemade spam sandwiches, Chef Ravi Kapur is no stranger to bringing a taste of aloha to San Francisco. However, Kapur says 2020 has been a tough year to swallow.

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The owner of Liholiho Yacht Club never imagined that moving from Oahu to pursue his culinary dreams would involve staying afloat in the middle of deadly wildfires and a global pandemic.

“We’ve been kind of, I wouldn’t want to say day to day, but not able to go or think too far down the road as we’re faced with so many mostly economic challenges,” said Ravi Kapur, owner of Liholiho Yacht Club. “Honestly, the fires have just been another thing to add to the complexity of the situation.”

Millions of acres of land continue to burn on the west coast. Liholiho Yacht Club, located in the heart of the city, has felt the affects of nearby fires.

“I look out and it’s just a blanket of gray. There’s not as much ash in the air, a little less smoke in the air today. It’s definitely been very oppressive for the last few weeks, for sure.”

The Hawaiian, Indian and Chinese fusion eatery is usually bustling with guests, but the pandemic has left the restaurant quiet.

“We’re just waiting to wake up. We’re waiting to be taken out of the state we’re in and we can get back to what we can do.”

Liholiho Yacht Club is open for takeout and delivery in the Bay area.

Despite this year’s challenges, they’ll continue to serve aloha one order at a time.

“We’re always trying to mix it up and just put some deliciousness in the hands and mouths of people to just kind of take them away for a moment, out of the chaos, that is 2020.”

To learn more about Liholiho Yacht Club, click here.

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