HONOLULU (KHON2) — Maui reported 18 new cases on Thursday, Feb. 25, after repeatedly topping Oahu during the week of Monday, Feb. 22. The positivity rate for Maui is at 4.7%. Lt. Gov. Josh Green thinks current rules on Maui should be kept in place for now as Oahu relaxes its restrictions.

Some of those restrictions include limiting indoor or outdoor social gatherings to 5 people, keeping dine-in capacity at 30% and requiring bars and restaurants to close by 10 p.m.

Green says there are about 200 active cases in Maui County.

“There was some spread at the prison. And there was a small cluster at one of the hotels, I believe, but the overall, you know, messages, yes, it’s been household spread in the community. And everyone should, in my opinion, have two quiet weeks on Maui. Without significant gatherings. That would knock it down,” said Green.

The Maui Health System tells KHON2 they are seeing fewer people having to go to the hospital for COVID-19. There are currently 11 hospitalizations, that number was up to 20 in January, 2021.

“And when there’s a reduction in the hospital’s admissions, there has to be a corresponding reduction and positivity occurring as well. I think a lot of the increase you’re seeing on Maui is because of a couple isolated exposures, and some large families, and probably some data being reported that might be delayed in reporting,” said CEO Michael Rembis.

Rembis says they do not do regular testing that is being done in the community. They will be significantly increasing their vaccinations, however.

“We think we have enough vaccine. So beginning next week, we’re going to do up to 600 residents a day at the hospital. And the following week, move that up to 800 a day,” said Rembis.

They have been doing about 300 every day during the week of Monday, Feb. 22.