HONOLULU (KHON2) — There was one new COVID-19 case reported on Maui, but officials say there may be a bump in COVID-19 cases reported on the island within the next few days.

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Maui health officials say they received a new COVID-19 testing machine last week, and it had to be tested first to make sure that the case counts were accurate.

“The machine came. It’s very good but like all new things, they have to check when we install that it works good,” said Dr. Lorrin Pang, Maui district health officer

He said the machine has been reporting about three to four COVID-19 cases a day for the last five days, which the county has been recording.

Pang said the Department of Health finally gave the okay that the machine is accurate, and that those cases will be added to future case reports.

Some of the cases Maui County is investigating include COVID-19 cases from people traveling to Maui from Oahu.

While Pang said they are continuing to contact trace, some cases have been difficult, and people are reluctant to give information.

 “A lot of cases, they have been kind of uncooperative. They say, ‘I’m not telling you about my friends,’” said Pang.

He said some people would rather let their friends and family know first instead of them hearing from a contact tracer, and that this has worked better in getting cooperation.

“They said they will do it themselves and quite frankly, surprisingly, I was quite shocked. Some of these guys follow through and they get a better response, better than we could do,” said Pang.

He said while not everyone is truthful, they will continue to give people the option of telling close contacts first.

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