HONOLULU (KHON2) — For the past three days, Hawaii has seen thousand of travelers fly in after quarantine restrictions relaxed.

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As we expect more visitors, KHON2 wanted to know how the counties are making sure their different rules are shared. Guidelines are usually fitted according to each county’s specific needs and resources.

Some of their differences could be confusing.

When it comes to face coverings, all four counties require you to wear one in public settings. But the number of people for indoor and outdoor gatherings vary.

On Kauai, gatherings inside of up to 10 are allowed, so are outdoor parties of up to 25 people. Those numbers are significantly lower on Oahu as indoor and outdoor social gatherings are capped at five. Maui and the Big Island have similar rules: whether you’re inside or outside, social gatherings of up to 10 are okay.

Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino told KHON2 that there is an exception to the rule for businesses that provide outdoor and cultural events like luaus.

“These are the only other activities that are larger than 10, but it’s 10 per table. So they’re going to be physical distancing,” said Mayor Victorino. He said that the county has partnered up with the airport and hotels to help get their message across to travelers.

“Also, the other parts that we’re looking at is cue cards that we pass out when they go to the rental cars and other means or other businesses that visitors deal with, and making sure that they have that available,” he said.

Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim told KHON2 that some of the methods they use to get information out to the public include the help of police officers. They don’t just cite, but they also warn and educate people about the rules.

“Without doubt, we need to get better. You know, we have dedicated a lot of resources to that,” said Mayor Kim. “Education has to be on the departure side, and we have very little resources for that. So we are appealing to the state in the travel industry to help us out there.”

For more details on each of the county’s proclamations: