Mandatory inter-island travel and health form available


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Starting Tuesday, June 16, the public can resume inter-island travel in the state without the need to quarantine for 14-days.

Part of the reopening will require passengers to fill out a mandatory inter-island travel and health form, and state and health officials are encouraging the public to fill it out online before arriving at the airport.

Hawaii Governor David Ige said, “I know family and friends across the state are looking forward to getting together when the interisland travel quarantine is lifted on Tuesday. Flying between islands will be a different experience.”

To download and print, click arrow in bottom left, then click “original document” in top right. You can then click the print button on top right.

Here’s a checklist leading up to your flight:

24 Hours before flight

  • Check-in with your Airline
  • Fill out the Mandatory Travel and Health Form

3 Hours before flight

  • Enter health screening checkpoint
  • Complete TSA check

On your flight

  • Follow guidance from your airline regarding physical distancing, mask wearing, and sanitation process


  • Follow guidance from your airline regarding physical distancing and mask wearing

The state will be implementing new procedures as time goes on.

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“We ask for your patience as the new procedures are implemented,” said Gov. Ige. “Do your part to make interisland travel safe – practice physical distancing and wear your face covering.”

State officials are working toward an online form that will be linked to a QR code for expedited scanning and screening at the airport, but that option is not available yet.

Travelers are encouraged, very much like in the post-911 world, to get to the airport in plenty of time to clear health screenings, which includes submittal of the travel form and a thermal screen.

Anyone who does not provide the form or has a temperature of greater than 100.4 degrees will not be allowed to fly. The health information is collected prior to TSA security screening.


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