HONOLULU (KHON2) — During this Thanksgiving week, the Blood Bank of Hawaii wants to thank everyone who has helped save lives.

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That includes coronavirus survivors who have donated their plasma.

To date, Blood Bank says it has already distributed over 1,000 doses of CCP.

Even a well-known COVID-19 survivor was spotted donating on Tuesday, Nov. 24

“I’m happy to do it,” said Lt. Gov. Josh Green. “I think anybody who’s out there who came through COVID-19 and is feeling fortunate like I am with my family. No one else caught it in my family. They could get sick someday. I would want them to have the best possible treatment to stay alive.”

The Blood Bank says donating plasma takes about an hour, and the needle is smaller than what’s used to donate blood.

Your one donation can help to save three or four lives.

CORRECTION: After clarification from the Blood Bank of Hawaii, this story was corrected to reflect the number of doses of CCP distributed.

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