The coronavirus may have temporarily halted most in-person interactions, but thanks to technology the world is able to stay connected.

Now more than ever, people are using their phones and computers to talk to a doctor from home.

WePrescribe is a Hawaii based telemedicine company that has been seeing at least a 30% increase in patients since the COVID-19 outbreak began.

“They’re board certified physician’s that work locally here in Hawaii,” said WePrescribe Co-Founder Dr. Neel Chauhan.

Users can consult with a doctor on WePrescribe for almost anything. For example, the telemedicine comapny can help treat stomach flu, back pain, jelly fish stings, colds, etc..

“Most of the things that you would go to see a PCP or urgent care clinic for, in terms of the simple health conditions,” Dr. Chauhan said giving the example of pink eye.

However, telemedicine is not only useful for everyday health conditions, but it can also help screen for COVID-19.

Jason Burks of Oahu made an appointment with a WePrescribe doctor to be screened for coronavirus. Burks is an attorney, and is considered an essential employee.

“I have to go to court for hearings this coming week, and I just wanted… I felt it was my responsibility to get tested and make sure even though I’m asymptomatic, I’m not going to be passing anything to my clients or any of the other court staff,” Burks said.

Despite having no coronavirus symptoms, Burks said he wanted to get tested because he recently traveled through Seattle to pick up his son from college. He felt he could have been exposed to the virus.

“Both the flights coming and going to Hawaii and Seattle were packed. I mean they were crammed, people coughing,” Burks explained.

If a doctor from WePrescribe thinks a patient could have coronavirus, he or she will set up an appointment for the patient to get a COVID-19 test.

“You then go and get your test done within the same day, and we’re getting results back in 72 hours at the moment,” Dr. Chauhan explained. “We have actually picked up cases of positive covid,” he added.

According to the CDC, using telemedicine whenever possible is recommended during the coronavirus outbreak.

“We don’t want people unnecessarily going into health care centers because you risk not only spreading it to the public, but also to our health care workers who are really fundamental to make sure we get on top of this,” Dr. Chauhan said about the added benefit of using telemedicine with a virus going around.

An appointment with a doctor from WePrescribe costs $49.99. For more information on how to book an appointment, click here.